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Italian Style Bathroom

If you are looking to create an Italian style bathroom in your home, cork is a fantastic product to choose. With its natural good looks, high level of comfort underfoot and our ability to personalise your cork for you, the opportunities are endless. Cork is perfect in the bathroom and is waterproof and resistant to rot and mould. It is also non-slip meaning that it is so much more than a design feature and will also elevate the safety in your bathroom.

Cork looks absolutely beautiful with Tuscan terracotta tiles and white bathroom fixtures. If an Italian style bathroom is what you have your heart set on then cork is a very sensible choice that will give you a great return on your investment. Cork also stays at a pleasant temperature no matter what the weather and so in the winter you can step onto it without the sudden shock of a cold floor. In the summer, cork keeps cool even in areas exposed to full sun.

Your Answer To A Beautiful Bathroom

Whether you are planning a complete bathroom refurbishment or simply looking to replace the floor, our cork solutions will help you to create the Italian style bathroom of your dreams. It is incredibly easy to install too and a lot more affordable than some other fittings. Why not speak to us today to find out more about our range of cork flooring and how we can help you to transform your bathroom.

Completely Damp-Proof

Because our cork bathroom products are completely damp-proof, they lend themselves perfectly to a bathroom environment. After all, winemakers would not use cork if there was any chance of the wine evaporating through it. To create your Italian style bathroom, why not install cork on the floor, tiles on the wall and choose elegant bathroom accessories with gold taps. Add lots of lush green plants in terracotta pots and luxury toiletries.

Our Experts Are On Hand to Assist

We would be delighted to tell you more about our cork insulation and flooring products and how we can help you to turn your bathroom into an Italian style bathroom for an affordable price. Our cork flooring is also anti-slip and so is perfect if you want an alternative to tiles that will keep you and your family safe. Step out of the bath or shower onto comfortable and attractive cork and get rid of those cold slippery tiles or carpet. Cork does exceptionally well in bathroom environments and will not develop mould or rot.

To find out more about transforming your bathroom with cork and creating your ideal Italian style bathroom, speak to the team of experts here at Seacork. We have been helping our customers to create beautiful spaces in both their homes and on luxury vessels and we would be very happy to tell you about our products, installation and the difference our cork products can make. Call us today.

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