The Advantages of Cork


We have covered the decks of all kinds of boats since 2002. To the best of our knowledge none of our coverings has ever been replaced.

Cork has actually been used on boats for centuries because of its many properties: antislip when wet, thermal insulation, damping of vibrations, immune to rot, etc.

Sprayed on the hull’s interior

A new technology which we developed – cork prevents condensation inside the boat. By breaking the thermal bridge between the outside and inside of the hull.

Seacork Spray provides a boost to whatever conventional insulation is applied on it. It also provides a degree of acoustic insulation from motor’s noise.


Because it covers every bit of the inside surface, Seacork Spray is the most effective way to insulated a van or camping-car. The main advantage is to break the thermal bridge between the outside and inside, assuring a much higher degree of temperature control.

Seacork Spray eliminates condensation and improves the sensation of a correct temperature inside. It also provides a degree of insulation despite never being thicker than 2 mm. Compared with any other insulation technique it takes up considerably less precious space.

It also absorbs the sounds from the motor and the wind and is available in 50 standard colours.


Most people do not own boats but almost everyone has showers or bathtubs. So we developed developed products that bringsour long experience with boat decks into the bathroom.

The idea behind Seacork for Bathrooms is simple: use the unequalled antislip properties of wet cork where most accidents caused by wet floors actually occur. Underfoot comfort is a bonus.


Seacork Spray is a unique product for covering outdoors or indoors walls. Although never thicker than 2 mm, it breaks the thermal bridge between the outside and inside.

This blocks dampness and protects against condensation. It provides a boost to insulation, makes painting unnecessary, and lasts as long as most alternatives. Acoustic damping is a bonus and Seacork Spray can cover rooves as well as walls.

Cork has many technical advantages too. Light and elastic, it adheres to any surface. It is entirely waterproof, yet it breathes (sd=0,09m). It’s quick to apply and non toxic for the builder.

And it is decorative. You can choose between 50 standard colous and an infinity of blended colours. Our photo gallery presents a selection of applications for all kinds of buildings: industrial, commercial, residential and even a church.