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Boat Cabin Insulation

Boat cabin insulation can be applied to the interior of boats to protect them from a number of problems. Whether a boat is at sea, on the river or in the dock, exposure to the elements and sea spray can play havoc with the boat’s interior. Boat cabin insulation helps to protect against internal moisture, cold temperatures, mould and rot. The best thing is that it can be used on any type of vessel, including sailboats, luxury craft, canal boats, rib tenders, narrow boats, tugs, barges, fishing boats, cargo boats, large trawlers and also in boats where cooling and refrigeration is a concern.

At Seacork, we offer a wide range of options when it comes to choosing insulation and flooring for your boat and we would be delighted to help you to choose the right solution to suit your needs.

A Great Alternative to Other Boat Cabin Insulating Solutions

Our cork insulation is a great alternative to other commonly used insulation solutions, such as rock wool or fibreglass. No matter what the size of your boat, you can rest assured that our solutions will help to protect the interior from some of the most commonly experienced problems on the open water.

Why Choose Cork For Your Boat?

Cork is one of the most effective natural materials you can choose for insulating your boat. The special characteristics of cork make it the perfect choice for many different applications, including boat cabin insulation, boat decking, van insulation and also for improving the safety in bathrooms and shower rooms. Over the years, we have helped many boat owners to experience the many Why not speak to us now to tell us more about your vessel and your requirements?

The unique honeycomb structure of cork and the nature of its cellular membranes help to make it resistant to wear and tear, impermeable and also resistant to heat. No matter where you take your boat, from the North Sea to the South Pacific, you know that your boat insulation will give you many years of dependable use. It is also great at helping to suppress vibration and to insulate against noise.

The Experts in Boat Insulation

We have developed a range of boat insulation products and solutions that solve many of the problems boat owners experience in the interior of their vessels. By choosing our quality boats cabin insulation, you can protect your investment, make the cabin more comfortable and avoid many of the repairs that come with premature aging of the interior.

To find out more about our boat cabin insulation or any other products in our range, speak to the helpful and friendly team here at Seacork. We excel at giving our customers the best service and experience at all times and would be delighted to hear all about your boat and to tell you all about our boat insulation solutions, decking solutions and more. Don’t call anybody else until you’ve spoken to us.

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