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Small Van Conversion Insulation

When you are looking for small van conversion insulation, look no further than Seacork. We offer a cork spray coating that can be used to insulate the interior of your van and protect it from condensation, cold, heat and also sound. Whether you play to drive your camper in high humidity or cold conditions, it is important to block the thermal bridge that can cause condensation and the potential damage to your interior and belongings.

At Seacork, we have years of experience in helping our customers to insulate their camper vans and to complete a full van conversion. Our spray cork coating can be used to apply to every inch of your interior and comes in a wide range of colours. We use a pigment additive and we have colour charts on our website.

The Many Benefits of Small Van Conversion Insulation

If you have been thinking about converting your minivan into a camper, there are many reasons why you should. Firstly, being able to take off on a whim and have your accommodation already sorted is a big benefit. Simply load up your van with your belongings and you are good to go. But before you set off you’re going to need to ensure that your van is fit for purpose and that means considering the insulation you are going to use. Cork is an excellent choice when it comes to small van conversions. It provides thermal and sound insulation, looks great and will give you many years of dependable performance. It is also very easy to apply and all you’ll need to do is rent a sprayer from your local equipment rental company. We provide instructions on how to apply your cork coating and to get an even coverage. Once your cork coating is applied, it will stick to any surface and provide an attractive and durable insulating lining that keeps warmth in and condensation out.

If you already have a lining inside your van, you will need to remove this before applying our small van conversion insulation. If you run into any difficulties or have questions about application, our team would be delighted to help you. And because we provide our insulation coating in a number of colours, you can choose a colour that complements or matches your van colour. Our small vans conversion products are also solvent free so can be applied without any risk to you even in the confined space of the rear of your van.

Get In Touch With Us Today

To find out more about our small van conversion insulation, get in touch with the team here at Seacork today. We have years of experience and our products are of the highest quality. We can give you lots of tips and advice on getting the most from your conversion so that every trip is as comfortable, warm and soundproofed as the last. Take a look on our website now to get started.