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Cork Shower Floor

When you need to improve the safety of a shower floor, look no further than our cork shower floor tiles. Easy to install, our cork shower floor kit will improve safety in a flash and ensure a stable and comfortable footing for anybody setting foot in your shower. We also recommend you place our cork products in your bathtub for even further safety precautions. For areas that become slippery when wet, our cork products are the perfect solution.

Comfortable and Safe

The great thing about cork is that it is very comfortable to stand on even for long periods of time. It has a little more give compared to other wood products but will keep its shape for many years. When placed inside a shower tray, our cork shower floor tiles provide a stable barrier between you and the slippery shower floor and help to prevent bathroom accidents.

High Performance Cork That Will Not Rot

As you would expect from a product used in the bathroom and in wet conditions, our cork shower floor products will not rot and will not go mouldy. We use the same cork that is used in wine bottles to protect the wine from drying out or becoming tainted and our cork will give you many years of high performance and durability.

Perfect For Any Bathroom or Shower Room

Our cork shower floor products are perfect for any bathroom. In fact, they can used to over your entire bathroom floor if you wish and make a great alternative to lino, wooden boards, carpet or tiles. Cork also stays at a comfortable temperature so no jumping in shock like you do when your feet hit the cold tiles first thing in the morning.

The Easiest Kit To Install

Our cork shower floor solutions come in a kit form and can be installed in moments. Simply unpeel the adhesive backing to each segment of cork tile and stick down where you want to create traction. Once pressed down into place, your cork tiles will stay in position and provide a stable platform throughout the showering process. No more holding onto shower doors or worrying you are going to slip while getting in or out of the shower.

Find Out More About Our Cork Shower Floors Today

We would be delighted to tell you more about our cork shower floors and to give you more information about installation or benefits. Over the years, we have helped many people to improve the safety within their bathrooms and we would be very happy to do the same for you today. If you are worried about anybody or yourself having an accident in your bathroom or shower room, get in touch with the friendly and helpful team here at Seacork today. We are standing by to assist. Remember, our cork shower floor solutions can be installed very quickly and easily and will give you years of dependable use.

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