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Non-Slip Bathroom Floor

A non-slip bathroom floor will help to prevent slips and falls that could result in a nasty injury. If you currently have tiles on your floor and you are looking for a less hazardous floor covering, our non-slip bathroom floor made from cork could be the perfect solution. We can supply easy to install flooring kits that fit into your bathtub or shower or you might want to have your entire bathroom floor renovated. One thing is for sure - our non-slip bathrooms flooring will make any bathroom a much safer place.

The beauty of cork flooring is that it is comfortable to step on and wicks away water so that there are no puddles to slide on or wet patches to slip on. And once installed, this type of non slip bathroom flooring will not rot or develop mould. With the addition of grab bars installed in strategic places, you can really help to ensure everybody is safe when using the bathroom.

Easy to Install Cork Products

One of the best things about our cork products is their simplicity. We have worked hard to develop products that do exactly what they say and which can be installed easily. Take our bathtub and shower non-slip flooring kits for example. They come in tile shapes that you simply apply straight to the tray of your shower or bottom of your bathtub. Simply peel the adhesive backing away and stick in the configuration of your choice. We provide you with full instructions and your kit will be installed within moments. Once installed, you can step in and out of your bath or shower with a much surer footing. If you have elderly relatives or anybody with a disability in your family, these non-slip bathroom floor solutions are ideal.

A Cost Effective Bathroom Transformation

A non slip bathroom floor is a great way to transform your bathroom. And it can be much more affordable than other flooring solutions. Whether you are looking for bathroom flooring for your home or your boat, we have the perfect solution and would be delighted to tell you more. Over the years, we have helped many home and boat owners to make their bathrooms safer and fit more people of all ages and abilities.

What’s more, our non-slip bathroom flooring looks great. The natural appearance of cork makes it the perfect addition to any bathroom and it will complement any decor. It is also exceptionally comfortable to walk on. Just think - no more freezing cold tiles to step onto first thing in the morning.

Get In Touch With Us Today

To find out more about our flooring and decking solutions, speak to the team here at Seacork. We have years of experience in keeping people safe in the bath, shower and bathroom and we would be delighted to tell you more about our product line and how we can help you to improve the safety in your bathroom.

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