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Bathtub Safety

At Seacork we have helped many people to improve their bathtub safety with our range of anti slip products. Whether you are worried about an elderly relative suffering from an injury caused by a slip in the bath or you want to protect the entire family, our cork products are the perfect solution.

The problem with many baths and showers is that the tub and shower tray can become very slippery when wet. Add soap, bubble bath and shower gel into the mix and you have a fairly large hazard on your hands. While bath mats are okay, they can become loose and provide no protection at all. Our cork tiles, on the other hand, stick to the bottom of your bath helping to give you peace of mind and total bathtub safety.

Don’t Risk a Nasty Fall

Bathtub accidents are quite common but can so easily be avoided. If you have ever slipped in the bath, you know what a painful experience it can be. Imagine if that was an elderly relative or a young family member. Our products are designed to give you complete peace of mind and to provide bathroom guests with a comfortable and stable support whenever they use the bath or shower.

Comfort and Bathtub Safety as Standard

One of the best things about our bathtubs safety products is how ridiculously easy they are to install. Simply unpeel the adhesive backing on our cork tiles and stick them to the base of your bathtub or shower. You’ll be done in a few moments and have a much safer bathroom. Our bathtub safety tiles don’t rot and with gentle cleaning they will provide you with years of dependable use. We would be delighted to tell you more so get in touch with our team today.

A Natural Product For Your Bathroom

We have been producing our cork products for years. They are the perfect bathtub safety product for any bathroom regardless of decor or type. Cork looks great in the bathroom thanks to its natural and minimalist design. You can literally stick these tiles anywhere you want to make safer and they will match with your bathroom.

Our bathtubs safety products, when cleaned regularly as part of your bathroom cleaning routine, will last for years without rotting or being displaced. What’s more, they offer excellent value for money especially when you consider their importance and the many years of service they have to offer.

Find Out More About Bathtub Safety Today

We would be delighted to tell you more about our bathtubs safety products and how we can help you to make your bathroom a much safer space. Our bathroom kits are so easy to install and within minutes you will have a stable and supportive base for your bath or shower. Our products can also be used to cover the entire bathroom floor. Speak to our friendly and helpful team today to find out more.

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