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Anti Skid Boat Decking

If you are looking for anti skid boat decking that offers many years of dependable performance, look no further than Seacork’s range of products. Whether you are a boat builder on the lookout for a viable alternative to teak decking or you are carrying out a refurbishment project, our cork anti skid boat decking is a great choice. Over the years, we have helped many boat builders and owners to fit out their vessels with dependable cork panels that offer a huge range of benefits.

The Many Benefits of Anti Skid Boat Decking

One of the biggest benefits of choosing anti skid boat decking, of course, is its anti slip properties. When a deck gets wet and it’s not wiped down it can be a slip hazard for anybody walking or working on deck. Reduce the risk of injury by having a safer deck surface installed. We have worked with countless clients over the years, installing their new decks for them and ensuring everybody on board is safe. But there are even more benefits to installing this type of cork decking.

Anti skid boat decking offers many great benefits besides its anti-slip properties. For example, this type of decking offers improved soundproofing qualities that can help to reduce the sound heard from above when people are sleeping below. It also has impressive insulating qualities and improves the aesthetics on your deck on any level.

Easy to Install Cork Products For Any Boat

Our anti skid boat decking is the perfect solution for any style or type of boat including luxury crafts and rib tenders. We can customise our cork panels to any design, so whether you have a specific pattern or image you’d like to recreate or you’d love to have your company logo incorporated in your deck, we can help. Simply highlight your preference to our team and we will do everything for you. We would be delighted to share some of our most recent designs with you to give you inspiration and to show you what kind of quality you can expect from us and our team.

We make it easy for you to improve safety, comfort and soundproofing on board. Our cork products will keep your deck cool underfoot no matter how hot it gets and will also help to prevent slips due to wet weather or spillages. Whether you have a crew working on deck or guests walking back and forth, our anti skid boat decking is the perfect solution to ensure everybody stays safe and comfortable.

Get In Touch With Us Today

At Seacork, we are experts in anti skid boat decking and our premium cork products put you in control of the look and feel of your decking. We would be delighted to tell you more, hear about your ideas and turn those dreams of a beautiful and functional deck into reality. Discover for yourself what a difference anti skid boat decking can make to your boat.

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