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Anti Slip Bathroom

Showers and baths can be slippery when wet and pose a significant hazard to those walking across them. At Seacork, we specialise in anti slip bathroom products and kits that solve this problem. Whether you are looking for anti slip bathroom solutions for your shower, bath or your entire bathroom, take a look at our range of cork products or speak to our team today to find out more.

Installing anti-slip bathroom kits offers so many great benefits. Not only will you be making your bathroom safer but you can also enjoy better comfort, an improved appearance and a bathroom feature that lasts for many years. Whether you have experienced an accident in the shower or want to prevent one from happening, anti-slip products from Seacork are the perfect solution.

Improve the Comfort in Your Bathroom

Our cork flooring products are incredibly soft to the touch and add comfort as well as safety to bath, shower and entire bathroom floors. You will really notice the difference when you step onto your anti-slip bathroom flooring and the cork also stays warm after you have turned the shower off.

Easy to Care For

Our anti slip bathroom flooring is as easy to clean as stone or tiles. Simply take a stiff brush and your usual cleaning products and you are good to go. Mix your cleaning products with water in a bucket and start cleaning. Repeat this operation a few minutes later and rinse thoroughly after.

Easy to Install

The great thing about anti slip bathroom kits from Seacork is that anybody can install them. We give you straightforward instructions so that you can easily arrange the cork pieces on your shower floor or the bottom of your bath. Simply remove the self-adhesive backing and position your cork tiles one by one. It really couldn’t be easier to make your bathroom a safer place.

Years of Dependable Use

Our anti slip bathroom kits can give you up to 15 years dependable use even if they are stepped on daily. When you are looking for a safety solution that will help to prevent slips in the shower or bath, our solution offers excellent value for money.

Don’t Risk Slipping In The Bath or Shower

Ceramic shower floors can become so dangerous when they are wet. Our anti slip bathroom kits provide you with excellent safety thanks to the natural anti-slip properties of cork. They also look great and will give you years of dependable use.

We would be delighted to tell you more about our anti slip bathroom products and how we can help you to make your bathroom a safer place. With your new cork tiles in place you will have a much more stable floor to step onto. This is especially beneficial for elderly people but also for children who may not take as much care as adults when stepping into the shower or bath. Order online or get in touch with our team today.

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