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Bathtub Accident

The bathroom is one of the prime spots for a bathtub accident. If you are worried about yourself or a family member slipping in the bath or shower, our cork anti-slip products are the perfect solution. They fit onto the floor of your shower or bathtub, creating a dependable non-slip surface even when wet. Our cork solutions are one of the most effective and affordable ways to improve the safety in your bathroom and prevent a bathtub accident.

Comfort and Safety as Standard

Our cork flooring solutions are perfect for shower, bath and your entire bathroom floor. Our kits are easy to install and come with full instructions. Whether you have experienced a bathtub accident or just want to prevent one from happening, our anti-slip flooring will add comfort and safety in one. Soft to the touch, stable and durable, cork is one of the best materials you can use in your bathroom.

A Natural and Safe Solution

Don’t use bath mats in your bath when our cork flooring solutions are a much more natural and dependable solution. Bath mats can slip if they are not attached properly and can also look unsightly if mould starts to build up. Our cork flooring tiles will not rot and look amazing in your bathroom. Because of their natural appearance, they will look good with any decor.

Excellent Value For Money

Preventing a bathtub accident in your bathroom doesn’t need to cost the earth or require any special skills. Our cork flooring kits give you outstanding value for money as they can be fitted easily yourself and only take a few minutes. We supply all instructions to fit your cork flooring quickly and to the highest standard.

You can decide exactly where you want to put your anti-slip cork flooring. Why not add a few cork tiles to your shower and your bathtub? Our kits are very affordable and we are always on hand to give you advice on the best product to choose to suit your needs. Just one bathtub accident could result in a life changing injury and while such a serious injury may be fairly rare, it is not worth taking that risk. At the very least, you will be preventing any type of accident once you have installed our anti-slip products.

Find Out More About Preventing Bathtub Accidents Today

A bathtubs accident doesn’t need to happen and when you install our anti-slip cork tiles in your bathtub, shower or entire bathroom, you will be making your bathroom a much safer place for all the family. To find out more about our range of products and how we can help you to safe-proof your bathroom for a great price speak to the team at Seacork today. We have years of experience in creating quality cork products perfect for any home. We can also help with boat decking, van insulation and much more so speak to us today and discover the difference that is cork.

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