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Anti Slip Boat Decking

Cork has been used for centuries on boats and has a wide range of benefits. Not only does it provide an anti slip boat decking but it also stays cool in the hottest conditions, helps to dampen sound and vibrations, is antibacterial and will not rot - perfect in wet and inclement weather. Whether you are looking for an anti slip boat decking solution for part of your boat or you need a solution for the entire deck, we can help you to create a safer environment.

Comfort and Protection for Bare Feet

When you lay our cork decking, your feet will notice the difference with every step. Cork is soft, warm and comfortable and it never gets hot no matter what the temperature of the day. Whether it is just you on your craft or you regularly welcome guests onboard, our anti-slip boats flooring is the perfect solution for improving safety and comfort.

Walk With Confidence Across Your Deck

Seaspray, freshly washed decks and drinks spillages can all pose a hazard on a slippery boat floor. The anti-slip properties of our deck products gives you unrivalled safety and will ensure you can walk confidently across your deck without the risk of slipping and injuring yourself.

A Natural Look That Improves Aesthetics

Our anti slip boat decking also looks great once installed. This is the most ecological decking material that you can choose and it will blend in with any decor. We can also decorate your cork with any design of your choosing, including your boat name or company logo. Just ask if this is something that we can assist with.

Wear, Tear and Maintenance

The durability and lifetime of your anti slip boat decking will depend on a number of factors. Just like wood, the number of sandings and the original thickness of the cork will play an important role. Good maintenance is also important to get the best return on your investment.

The good news is that you can expect decades of dependable use with your Seacork product if you maintain your cork decking correctly. Regular cleaning of your decking will help to keep it in ship shape condition. Simply use a supermarket or specialist boat flooring cleaner and mix with water. Use a brush with hard bristles and ensure you rinse the surface of your decking thoroughly to remove any residues of the cleaning product.

Find Out More About Our Anti Slip Boat Decking Today

We would be delighted to tell you more about our anti slip boats products and speak to you about your requirements. No matter what type of boat you own and how much decking area you need to protect, our anti slip boat decking is the perfect solution. We have fitted many boats with our dependable decking over the years and these products are still going strong and protecting all on board from the dangers of slipping and injury.