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Thermal Insulation Boat

As any boat owner knows, condensation can be a frustrating problem. The good news is that this condensation can be prevented by applying a thermal insulation boat solution. Our cork spray solution can coat any hull and create a thermal and soundproofed insulation layer that protects the hull and any equipment or items inside it from condensation. Our cork spray products can be applied easily and because they do not contain any solvents, they can be applied safely in close quarters.

Whether you are a boat builder looking for a thermal insulation boat solution or you are considering removing the existing lining of your boat and using a cork sprayed solution, our products are of the highest quality and will give you many years of reliable performance. Over the years, we have helped many boat owners to insulate their boats. We also have a range of boat decking and non-slip bathroom products on our website.

Why Choose Cork For Your Thermal Insulation Boat Solution?

Cork is one of the most efficient and effective insulating materials. It is waterproof, condensation resistant, provides excellent sound insulation and is resistant to rot, mould and mildew. It is also suitable for many other applications, such as minivan conversion or insulating the home. All you need to apply your cork coating is a rented sprayer and you can get started immediately on your project. Once applied, this thermal insulation boat solution will go on protecting your interior for many years to come. Speak to our team to find out more about this solution or take a look at some of the projects on our website.

Available In a Wide Range of Colours

Another great benefit of our thermal insulation boat solution is that it is available in a wide range of colourways. This allows you to match your boat’s colour scheme or colour code your hull into different sections. We also supply boat decking and panels that can be fully customised with your choice of design. In short, our cork products allow you to personalise your boat while adding excellent insulation inside and out.

We have helped many boat owners to experience the many benefits of cork. This natural product also looks great in its original colour and will stay looking its best for many years to come. Just look at some of our past projects and testimonials to see how many happy customers we have had over the years.

Get In Touch With Us Today

To find out more about our thermal insulation for boat hulls, speak to the team here at Seacork today. We have years of experience in the marine industry and helping our clients to protect their investment with high quality thermal insulation boat solutions. You can order direct from our website or speak to our team if you would like to find out more about our bespoke decking solutions. We would be delighted to find out more about your project.

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