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Teak Deck Alternative

Our cork boat decking makes a great teak deck alternative and will provide you with years of dependable use. When it comes to boat decking, cork is the best alternative to traditional decking materials such as teak wood and synthetic products. Also, cork is beneficial from an economical standpoint and is much more attractively priced. This lower price point is all down to the simple processing, maintenance and installation of cork.

If you are looking for a teak deck alternative that will give you many years of dependable use, take a look at our cork decking solutions. Cork is also non-slip, light, remains elastic in any condition and is 100% recyclable.

Why Choose Cork For Your Boat Deck?

Cork is a high quality floor covering for both outdoor and indoor areas. Cork is also so versatile that it will improve sound insulation and condensation protection. If you were in any doubt whether cork would make a good teak deck alternative, we would be delighted to go into more depth about its many benefits. Our cork panels look great when laid and we can also personalise your deck with your boat emblem, logo or any other design you might have in mind.

Our cork decking is also perfect for other areas of your boat such as stairs, internal floors and many other areas. And because it is comfortable and will not get hot, it is also the perfect solution for luxury vessels where the comfort and safety of guests is paramount. Why not consider fitting our teak deck alternative around hot tub areas, swim platforms and other areas where guests will be treading with wet feet.

Also, the thicker the cork, the more it will absorb sound. Motor boats especially can benefit from a cork flooring as it will absorb a lot of the sound from the engine and provide a much more pleasant experience onboard.

The Affordable Boat Decking Solution

Cork makes for a great teak deck alternative as it does not attract such a high price point. However, it still looks great when laid on your boat deck and will provide many more benefits than teak. For one, cork does not need to be treated each season and will not experienced the same degree of natural wear and tear that teak can be prone to.

Find Out More About Our Teak Deck Alternative

If you would like to find out more about our teak deck alternative, speak to the team here at Seacork today. We would be delighted to give you more information and to find out more about your boat. Our solutions are ideal for any size boat from a single rib tender to a huge schooner. Over the years, we have helped many boat owners to experience the benefits of cork both inside and out. Our cork products can also be sprayed to create a thermal lining that protects against moisture and condensation.

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