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Boat Hull Coating

When you are looking for boat hull coating to prevent condensation, Seacork has the perfect solution. Our coating can be applied to any surface and is so easy to work with. Whether you are at sea often or want to protect your boat when it is docked for long periods of time, our boat hull coating will ensure your vessel stays ship shape.

The first step to good insulation is to block the thermal bridge. This can be done by applying two to three layers of our boat hull coating. When you do this, you help to stop condensation from forming and creating all sorts of additional problems in your hull. We would be delighted to tell you more about our solutions and the importance Seacork has played for thousands of boat owners over the years.

The Convenient Solution For Any Boat

Whether you need to protect the hull of a luxury charter boat, a fishing boat, a tug or a canal boat, our boat hull coating gives you complete peace of mind. It’s solvent free and odour free and therefore safe and convenient to apply. Whether you would like to apply your coating yourself or you would like us to complete the job, our team is always on hand to assist.

Condensation forms at what is known as the dew point - this is the temperature at which water is formed on the boundary layer. On boats, this layer is the interior surface or under-insulated or uninsulated hull or deck. Our boat hull coating helps to stop the thermal bridge and impede the transfer of heat.

A Unique Solution For Today’s Condensation Problems

Seacork Spray is a boat hull coating that is unlike any other product on the market today. No other solution can produce comparable results and we are always looking to improve our products. If you are looking for a solution that also helps to reduce motor noise and vibration, our boats hull coating is the answer.

Whether your boat carries guests, workers or just yourself and your family, it is important to ensure your hull offers the best possible performance at all times. Stop condensation in its tracks by speaking to our expert team today. We have years of experience in preventing condensation and maintaining boat hulls and would be delighted to speak to you today.

Give Your Boat the Best Protection

Our boat hull coating is your best defense against the problems that condensation can cause over time. Avoid mould and mildew and ensure items stored in your hull stay dry by speaking to Seacork today about your requirements. In addition to our boats hull coating, we can also help with boat decking and more. We can also help with other interior solutions such as cork flooring tiles for your bath or shower. These kits are easy to install and can make your bathroom a much safer place. Call us now to find out more.

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