The projected Cork is presented in two bases, natural and off-white allowing to obtain fifty shade of colors.
In order to offer a wider choice, we have composed a set of 48 sachets of pigments. This allows us to offer a total of fifty different colors to our customers.
A total of 9 shade of colors with the natural base and 41 with the White base.
The pigments used are encapsulated powder and it is in contact with the water contained in the seals that they dissolve.
they have an excellent hold over time and allow to easily hold ten years on the facades of houses.

The sachet of pigments can of course be mixed together to obtain other possibilities. But this gives a sufficient basis for the vast majority of our customers.
the sachets are dosed for a Seal and can also be completed with an anti-odor pod. These pods are very useful for people sensitive to the smell of acrylic especially in an enclosed environment. the pods are normally intended to be incorporated into a seal, but some of our customers only use one for two seals.

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