Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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Some design features


1. Deliverable out of blade of 47 mm x 2 m x 8 mm allowing to marry the curves of the ship.

2. In plates of 500 mm x 1 m or 2m x 8 mm, 6mm or 12mm.

3 In plates of 500 mm x 1 m x 4 mm .

Plain plate

For use various (ex: blades great widths, cut out, small part of framework, fern, reason such: pink of winds etc........

Plate grooved

Width of the blades: 47 mm

Infinite possibilities of decorations


Measure With 20° C

Specific heat > 1500 J/kg.K

Thermal diffusivity < 1.60.10-7 m².S

Thermal conductibility 0.05/0.06 W/mK


Density: 400 kg/m3

Compressibility: 15/20%

Traction: min. 15 d.N/cm²

Lengthening: minis 10%

Thickness:8 mm, grooves 4 X 4 mm

Weight: 3,2 kg/m²


This chapter is intended to give you a better understanding of how to use SEACORK®