Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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attention of this operation depends the final result

According to surface to be sandpapered one will use either the sander, or the orbital grinder, or the finishing sander.

Indeed more surface is large more one will may find it beneficial to use the sander, but attention has never not to station at the same place.

In general, and this some is the type of grain used, the arm must always be moving, of before behind, of left on the right or in circular motion.

Well cavity one will start with a grain of 80 on a surface to scrape well to see at worst of the 60 but have the light arm.

Do not seek especially has to obtain a good result with this type of grain it is not useful which work has to trim (as for painting plusieures master keys will be necessary for a good result).

One will finish work with the orbital or vibrating grinder with a grain of 80 for small surfaces, on the other hand for great surfaces it will be preferable to make an intermediate passage has the sander with also a grain of 80.

This chapter is intended to give you a better understanding of how to use SEACORK®



The cutting of the plates does not pose a particular problem if it is not on the gangways because space is restricted there.

The installation of the plates is started from the axis however for better a comprehension......