Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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Once cutting finished the operation of joining on the bridge starts.

With not forgetting

  • Initially take care has to preferably locate the various parts by a numbering.
  • Then last once the cleanliness of the bridge and parts to be stuck are checked.
  • Not to forget to take the gloves, the adhesive, the spatula with teeth.
  • The board will enable you to rest to spend the adhesives or the weights allowing a good behaviour, time to dry or strengthen



  • The installation has, in all the case, the center for starting point.
  • For the installation blade by blade one takes again then outside towards the interior
  • While for the installation by plate one continuous of the center towards outside



  • One spreads out the adhesive with the spatula with tooth square (conso.moy. 700ml/m²) by small surface allowing to an installation easier
  • Progressively one to us rogue the blades or plates and one maintenance using adhesives or of weight
  • to assemble the plates or the blades end to end one useful the same adhesive by making to a pad before junction of the two elements
  • After the junction carried out one maintenance still with adhesive



  • Once finished joining (to count 12 with 24h) it is necessary to clean the traces of adhesive in the grooves and to withdraw all that can obstruct for caulking

Two types of completion are possible

Some will prefer to have the product with the naturalness

It should be known that cork as wood is faded superficially with the sun and to little have even tendency grayed.....



The cutting of the plates does not pose a particular problem if it is not on the gangways because space is restricted there.

The installation of the plates is started from the axis however for better a comprehension we will not take account of that in our explanatory sketches....