Cork screwed report
Cork oak landscapes also contribute to store carbon, reducing greenhouse gases in
the atmosphere.

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Two types of completion are possible

Some will prefer to have the product with the naturalness

It should be known that cork as wood is faded superficially with the sun and to little have even tendency grayed.

We do not know at the present time which will be the difference in lifespan to the naturalness compared to a surface with the product of completion.

The product of completion is a product of impregnation intended to give a wet aspect and a greater facility has maintenance.

It allows an impregnation of the seacork without him to withdraw one of these greater qualities with knowing the non-skid properties naturalness of the product.

The product of completion will give to the SEACORK® a beautiful color over a long duration. It also enables him to bleach carefully while evitant grisaillement.

The product is not scaled, does not peel because it is not film forming.

Before passing the product take care brush the support and that it is free from spots.

Best is to pass a layer and half an hour to withdraw the surpluses using a rag later in order not to create a slipping surface

For maintenance one will pass by again a layer at the end of one to two years following the state of your bridge.
The frequency of the talks will be being spaced with the passing of years.

Output first application approximately 10 m²/l.

Application to the brush or the roller.

Application between 5°C and 35°C with a weak water content of the support (lower than 19%).

Drying of 24h with 48h.

Cleaning of the material to the white spirit